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Meet Sunshine Cheri

Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to click on the "About Me" button. I'm honored that you stopped by to check me out.


I'm Cheri, aka Sunshine Cheri. I'm quite literally a "Jack of many trades"!


I'm the full time COO of GTS Entertainment.  My wonderful, loving and supportive husband, Todd is the CEO. We don't clash at all in the work environment ;) We actually do love working together. But, as I'm sure you can tell from my Vlogcasts, I'm pretty fierce and passionate. I'm not always the easiest to get along with (Yes, I said it. I know. But I make no apology for being the beast that I am. This is a tough business). 

When I'm not working in the office for GTS Entertainment, I'm out DJing, having the ABSOLUTE best time! I DJ for corporate functions, weddings, private parties and more. I host trivia, murder mysteries and team building events. It's never a dull moment. 


In my extra time, I do a few different things. I co-host with my husband, the Party in Paradise radio show. We put it out to radio stations worldwide! I run my Vlog "About That Night" which is all about me, my friends and all the fun and sometimes unique challenges and experiences that we go through while trying to do what we do best. I also write books. I have a few children's books that I'm working on. My passion lies more with my adult books though. I'm working on several different adult books. Be sure and check out my Author's Corner for more info. in that area. 

I'm a huge Sci-Fi buff/nerd so I'm also currently working on an intentionally B-rated Sci-Fi manuscript. It's so bad, it's good =D

In what little free time I have left, I'm essentially a big kid. I LOVE to have fun and do youthful things with friends. I run a Meetup group where we go hiking, bicycling, play tag, do shoot em' up Nerf challenges and much, much more!  

I'm a proud momma bear to my 19yr old son! You'll hear me both sing his praise and vent about him on our show. I'm a wife to my loving husband. He's my man candy. He hates that I call him that. I can't get enough of him though so I'm sticking with it. We also have 3 small fur babies that I adore. Lot's of cuddles and lots of trouble. We need a bigger bed! 

The rest about me...well, I guess you're just gonna have to check out my vlogs!  

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